Birdie Brains Aviary ships from Raleigh/Durham International Airport and can make arrangements to most any city in the United States using Delta Pet First or United Pet Safe. Our first consideration is to the well being of the birds being shipped. We have been shipping for years and we take every precaution to make sure that your new pet arrives safely.

We prefer to ship direct to a major city, eliminating connecting flights if at all possible. This may mean driving a bit further to a large airport, or it may mean picking up in the evening to ensure appropriate shipping temperatures during hot weather seasons. Weekday shipping is preferred over weekends, due to the fact that there are fewer travelers then, and that many cargo terminals close early on the weekends.

Our babies are fully weaned when shipped. They are shipped in airline approved kennels that are darkened to help eliminate stress during the flight. Each kennel will have a perch, juicy fruits, vegetables, and parrot kibble. Often, the baby will be shipped with a favorite soft stuffed animal as a comfort friend. The crate/kennel price will vary with the size of the bird or if you prefer a clean, used crate (if available) to a new one.

Flight times and dates will be agreed upon and then once I have called the airlines, I will send you the arrangements by e-mail for you to print off and keep on hand. Please check online before leaving to make sure that the flight is on time, and to get good directions to the building itself. Normally, Delta Pet First will not be in the airport. Pick-up will usually be 45 minutes to 90 minutes after the flight lands.