$250 deposit is required to reserve a larger baby, $125 for a Conure or Quaker, and $50 for a Parrotlet.
Deposit is non-refundable and will apply to purchase price.
Deposits are accepted once babies are pulled from the nest boxes and are at least two weeks old.

Most of our birds are reserved while they are still being hand-fed.

We often use a waiting list – here’s how it works:

When there are fertile eggs, I will let you know that babies are on the way. I will again notify you once they hatch. At that time, please let me know if you are still interested in placing a deposit in two to three weeks. If not, the next person on the wait-list will be notified.

All balances must be paid in full BEFORE shipping arrangements are made. Payment in full is required at time of pick up – delivery must be taken within a reasonable time after weaning. A daily fee of $10/day will be charged for babies not picked up within 2 weeks. Cage space is highly valued here!

All baby birds come with:

  • Health Guarantee
  • Hatch Certificate
  • DNA certificate (except Parrotlets and Eclectus)
  • Are banded

Over the course of weaning, I will keep you updated on your baby’s growth through photos and messages via this website.

Exotic parrots are extremely sensitive to odors, smoke and dust; therefore, our birds are raised in a smoke free environment. Although we are a closed aviary to the general public, we encourage new owners to come and visit with their babies. Visiting hours are available by appointment to see your baby as he grows.

All baby birds will have their wing feathers and toenails clipped before leaving here. We offer free wing and nail clipping for as long as you own your bird. We also offer assistance and training help long past the initial stages.

  • BBA

    "We went to Christy to purchase a B&G baby for my husband. We ended up getting a Blue & Gold Macaw and an Umbrella Cockatoo from her. All of her birds are well taken care of and spoiled rotten. She has let us come and visit as often as we wanted during the weaning process so we could start to form a bond before coming home. After getting home, she is there for any needed advice or information."

    Tina and Allen Kruse
    Unionville, VA