Cages and Supplies

We are happy to offer several different cage styles to our customers and friends. Most of the cages we sell come from A&E Cage Company. They are a wholesaler of cages and do not sell to the public. As a courtesy to my customers who purchase our babies, I like to offer the cages at a discounted price.


I suggest you look at the website to see all the different cages that are available, and if there is something that is the correct size for your bird, and you like it, please jot down the cage style and e-mail it to me. I will check on the pricing for you. On our Birdie Brains Aviary website there is information about each parrot and what is considered the smallest sized cage for the bird to comfortably live in it.

Because I do not stock the cages (other than Parrotlet cages), each one needs to be checked to see if the color you choose is in stock. Price of shipping needs to be checked also if you choose to have it shipped to your home rather than to mine for pick-up. All cages must be paid for at time of ordering, not at time of pick-up.

A&E Cage Company –
price: Prices have changed 2/13 contact me please!
A&E Cage Company -
  • "Christy is the best breeder with beautiful birds. So far, I bought an African Grey, a Blue & Gold Macaw, & and the 3rd (Greenwing Macaw) will be weaned by Xmas, all are very tame and so far, none bite! She is always sending me pics & updating me on his/her progress. Christy does not mind if you call with questions or email her, she is so dedicated to her birds you can tell when you visit her how much she loves what she is doing. I would recommend her highly!!!"

    Sandy Grimmett, Baltimore, MD