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    Hooray! The computer is back on my desk, and I can upload photos, keep everyone up to date on eggs and babies' availability, and actually e-mail from something other than my ancient iPad. Happy, happy woman here!

    I need to have an Avian Agreement/Guarantee from each person who has a deposit on a baby. Please check to make sure you have sent me yours!

    All the babies have started to fill out, and are looking BEAUTIFUL with their colors.The Green Cheeks, Suns, and Quakers are fledging, so we have quite a few airborne whenever they are out playing.The Double Yellow Head Amazon is so sweet, and the Macaw babies are getting huge.

    Babies Available: Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Sun Conures, Pineapple and Turquoise Green Cheeks, Blue Quakers, Umbrella Cockatoos.

    What is on eggs:   Umbrella cockatoos, a Citron cockatoo, Blue Throated Macaws and several others, that have been just laid, so we don't know if they are fertile yet.

About Us

Come to North Carolina and visit our babies!

Birdie Brains Aviary is a medium sized aviary near Raleigh, NC with hand-raised, hand-fed baby parrots. We are bird breeders of quality parrots, and specialize in the ‘talking’ species. We are a family aviary, so everyone has their share of feeding the birds, cleaning the birds and playing with their babies.


Some of what we have for sale are:

  • Scarlet, Greenwing, Blue & Gold, and Catalina Macaws
  • Friendly, comical White Bellied Caiques
  • Goffin, Umbrella, Moluccan, Citron, and Rose Breasted Cockatoos
  • Blue, Green, and Dilute Quakers
  • Congo African Grey Parrots
  • Greencheek, Pineapple, Turquoise, Sun, and Cinnamon Conures
  • Solomon Island Eclectus
  • and the growingly popular Parrotlets

We raise the Pacific Parrotlet species, with an emphasis on the green, blue, yellow, pastel, and dilute colors.


Happy breeders make exceptional babies!

Our breeders are fed a pelleted diet, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, with a treat of seeds once a week. They are all named and are well cared for so that they are happy and healthy parents. Most of our breeders sit their own eggs, and most of them feed out their own babies until we pull them, approximately at two to three weeks.

From then on we hand feed the chicks until they are weaned and ready to go home to their new owners. So, from an early age, the babies are handled daily, and are in our home getting used to people, other pets, household noises, and the general chaos that we call daily living! The nursery is open to visitors, and we welcome you to come play with the babies and to see which may fit your family or lifestyle.


After your baby comes home

Purchasing a parrot from Birdie Brains Aviary does not mean that once the bird is home our relationship is over. You may have questions about the bird adjusting to your home, or finding a good avian veterinarian. We’ll still be here to help, many years to come. We love to receive your photos and letters about your bird-kids. If you purchase one of our chicks, and are local, nail and wing trimmings are free, just make an appointment to bring your bird by.

As the babies grow, I will post updates (about every other week) and photos of your baby.


BBA in the USA

I thought it  would be fun to show where many of our birds have gone to live in the US. The pins represent zip codes, and we’ve just started filling in the areas. If you’ve purchased a baby from Birdie Brains Aviary and would like to be represented, please send me your zip code, and I’ll be happy to add it to the map. The map is completely interactive, so have fun zooming in to check out your area!

If you want to have a photo of your baby on the map, please send me your favorite snapshot of the bird, and your zip code. You’ll have a colored egg that will pop up when you click on the egg.

  • “From the very first moment that we spoke to Christy on the phone, she was very open and receptive to us as new customers. We were interested in a baby bird that had just been born and we were allowed to come see it within 20 minutes of speaking with her the very first time. She has allowed us to have visitation disrupting her home and family to provide comfort to her clientele. We have enjoyed getting to know her in the short time that we have known one another. The baby bird that we are purchasing from Christy is a remarkable baby and the visits that she allows us to have with Paradise brings us great joy! Her home is warm, loving, caring and clean! She has even allowed us to 'meet' other birds in her household and she shows great love to each and every one of them! She is a blessing! And we are glad to be a part of her business relationships."

    Dell and Donna Staton 

    Matoaca, VA